Hygetropin: Pinwheel Tops

OK the reviews on the hygetropin with no security sticker, and also the old pinwheel tops.

I don’t know who started the rumor that the pinwheel tops were no good because indeed they are! I have used every brand of GH pretty much known to man, and there have yet to be any that compare to these.

Supposedly there was a falling out between the owner of the company and their scientist which caused a huge feud between the two. There are so many different stories and too much drama really. As far as I’m concerned they probably almost all contain the same GH but it makes it alot easier to sell being branded hygetropin. With these I haven’t had many sides at all, having noticeably losing fat, and sleep like a baby. It’s hard to tell whether your GH is good or not through the side effects because some people do not get them at all. Anyway, for anyone looking for quality GH at an affordable price, I would definitely recommend Hygetropin.

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2 Responses to “Hygetropin: Pinwheel Tops”

  1. backinthegame35 says:

    I think this one will remain a mystery forever. I’ve been doing research for 2 days now, and some mods say the pinwheels are real and the 8iu are Dr Lin fakes. On another forum another mod would say the contrary. We all know mods get greased to push products, so as long as they all contain HGH i say we’re good to go.

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