Bench like one of the big boys

Strength coach Marty Gallagher, author of The Primitive Purposeful serves up some extra big bench tips.

WARNING: This info is only for those who wish to build a massive chest.

It’s important to keep in mind that Gallagher is a power lifter looking to build strength. The goals of a bodybuilder may differ and would therefore have different rules.


1 First, buy into the physiological reality that an increase in strength equals an increase in muscle size. To grow the pectoral muscle, the best exercise period is flat benching.

2 Three grips to use: Competition or power grip — whatever grip that you feel most powerful- most likely the 24-28 inch range; wider grips, say 32 inches, followed by narrow grips.


Build your power, most powerful benching position in order to improve upon that in addition you need to do some sets of wide grips that build start power and a couple sets of narrow grips which build finish power.
“ I’ve never seen a man with a 500-pound bench that didn’t have big pecs.

— Marty Gallagher

* Warm-up 10-12 reps
* Warm-up 8-10 reps
* Warm-up 5-6 reps
* Warm-up 3 reps
* Warm-up 2 reps
Set 1 3-5 reps (competition grip)
Set 2 3-5 reps (competition grip)
Set 3 3-5 reps (competition grip)
Set 4 5 (wide-grip paused reps)
Set 5 5 reps (wide-grip paused reps)
Set 6 5 reps (narrow grip)
Set 7 5 reps (narrow grip)


Everyone likes to tough-and-go, bounce, rebound momentum. Eliminate that by pausing the weight on the chest. That results in more muscular growth and more strength.


If you’re top set is 155 for 5, hell that will cut the time down considerably. You can use the same tactic, using 95 for 12, 115 for 8 and then do 135 for 5 back off and do 2 sets of wide grips at 95 for 5 pause reps then 75 for 2 sets of 5 narrow grip, paused.

Source: FlexOnline.Com

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