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Xroids.NET: Very Very Good Reviews is one of the hottest bodybuilding topics of all time right now. Every product, every comment, and all their customer service is top knotch and this company is without a doubt the best around.

From informative profiles down to the prices and quality, feedback is incredible! If you haven’t yet checked them out, please do so and you will not be upset here folks. Top notch products for top notch athletes.

Hygetropin: Pinwheel Tops

OK the reviews on the hygetropin with no security sticker, and also the old pinwheel tops.

I don’t know who started the rumor that the pinwheel tops were no good because indeed they are! I have used every brand of GH pretty much known to man, and there have yet to be any that compare to these.

Supposedly there was a falling out between the owner of the company and their scientist which caused a huge feud between the two. There are so many different stories and too much drama really. As far as I’m concerned they probably almost all contain the same GH but it makes it alot easier to sell being branded hygetropin. With these I haven’t had many sides at all, having noticeably losing fat, and sleep like a baby. It’s hard to tell whether your GH is good or not through the side effects because some people do not get them at all. Anyway, for anyone looking for quality GH at an affordable price, I would definitely recommend Hygetropin.

HCG:On Cycle And Post Therapy

HCG is among one of the best, if not the best, drug used to maintain healthy muscle mass during a steroid cycle and after. HCG is actually the hormone found in a pregnant woman’s urine and is very readily available anywhere you look. It’s very difficult for scammers to fake this product because it’s very simple to test. I you can buy a ten dollar pregnancy strip and pour the reconstituted liquid onto the strip, it will read positive if you have legit HCG.

HCG-How It Works

When you inject a synthetic testosterone into your body it sends a signal to the testes to immediately shut down. There is enough testosterone being produced that the testes no longer have a use. When your natural production is shut down, your body will most likely only remember what gains it has made while on cycle with the synthetic form because: When you come off of your steroid cycle, the testes take approximately a month before they reach normal testosterone production peak again. This means that the gains you have made will usually be shredded away because during the time your testes are trying to reach their peak, it simply takes too long.

Now, if you use HCG during a cycle, your testes will continue to produce natural testosterone, therefore, it will not take that very long month to start working again and most of your gains will be kept. There are many different protocols on how to use HCG so I refuse to get into those but I will tell you how I use it, which works just fine.

Every week, once a week I use 250ius. Now I never come off cycle but if I did, I would use the 250iu’s every week and then after my cycle I would use 500ius every third day for three weeks after my last injection.

I really hope this helped someone and my goal was just to help you understand how it works and why. There are a million articles written on HCG but I can only understand maybe one word out of a sentence. I tried to make it easy to understand and hopefully now you will.


HCG will help you to hold your gains during and after a cycle. It’s normal to lose strength so don’t expect to remain strong, but again you will hold most of what you have gained. HCG is the most important part of your cycle and without it your gains will be slim to none. A small amount of HCG is sufficient and doses too high can forever destroy your testes forcing them to never work again for the rest of your life (1500 ius or higher). A bodybuilder who refuses to use HCG is a stupid bodybuilder.

UGL BioMS Pharma Co.

OK guys here we go! The number one rating out of five bodybuilding and steroids forums goes to Bio MS Pharma Co. From every comment ever posted there were nothing but the best said. Fast Delivery, discreet packaging, very low prices, and one hell of a sales rep. Reports are being made anywhere from 5-30 lbs. of lean muscle being packed on in a small cycle{8 weeks}. Seems like this is the place to order from as of now, there should be nothing more that you could possibly want. Big props to this company!

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