Protein Quotas

Getting all your daily protein can be a challenge. Using prepackaged protein foods in addition to shakes and powders can help you get in your baseline gram per pound of bodyweight each day.

If you’re a 200-pound bodybuilder, here’s the amount of some bodybuilding foods, in no particular order, that you’d have to consume to get 200 grams of protein if you were to depend on that one item for your daily requirement.

Chicken breast 30 oz
Turkey breast 28 oz
Canned tuna 30 oz
Fresh whitefish 38 oz
Lean beef tenderloin 34 oz
Lean hamburger (90%) 34 oz
Cottage cheese (low fat) 57 oz
Whole eggs 33 large eggs
Nonfat milk 200 oz
Whey protein powder About 10 scoops

NOTE: For the poultry, meat and fish, the values given are precooked weight.


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