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HgH Protocol For Dummies(Human Growth Hormone)

Get Realistic:

OK, so where do I start. There are so many retarded questions out there regarding HGH use that it hurts my eyes to constantly read them. It seems that GH is the new popular thing to do. Not because it is a miracle drug, but because it is more easily available, and all the big guys are using it. Sadly, this doesn’t mean these new users are using it correctly. I see more and more users trying to save money by taking baby doses, while using some ridiculous protocol to simply save money. Yet, they are expecting unrealistic gains while doing so. Sorry guys, stretching 2 kits to last you 4 months isn’t going to do much of anything for you, and will end up being a waste…unless you are an HRT patient and not looking for athletic benefit. It comes down to this: If you want to see gains from HGH, you are going to have to spend the cash, and there is no way around it.


Dosages should be based on personal goals, and how far one is willing to go to take it to the next level. As a bodybuilder, there are simple basics. For fat loss and dieting, smaller doses of around 3-5 will do. Don’t expect spectacular results in terms of fat loss. The more you use, the greater the results. If it is fat loss you are looking for, then maybe Clen and T3 would be a cheaper option that will produce better results. If you are looking to simply stay leaner in the off season, then HGH can be more useful.

If it is mass you are looking for from HGH, you had better be ready to fork over a good amount of cash. Larger doses are necessary, and mainly in conjunction with insulin. Doses used for mass start at about 8iu of good HGH, and work their way up to as much as you can afford to be blunt. I feel that 8-10iu of good GH is realistic and not an over exaggeration. I have used up to 30iu daily with good results. I know pro’s that use or have used even more. The insulin needs to be incorporated to get maximum benefit from your hefty dose of HGH. Mainly to create that large IGF-1 burst. Insulin needs to be present when the GH passes the liver for optimal IGF-1 production.


This is what really bugs me. People coming up with some stupid protocol and following it without any doubt simply because it will save them some cash by stretching out the little amount of HGH they have purchased.

We have the ridiculous 5/2 protocol. Where did this come from? Let me answer… Internet board members came up with it mainly to save some cash by taking 2 days off of their GH use at the end of the week. Why? To save money, and they backed it up with a poor excuse for a theory to make it look like a legit protocol. The theory behind taking 2 days off at the end of the week are so that your body can take a break and produce naturally…kinda. Well, ok…except this doesn’t go along with the negative feedback loop of exogenous HGH use! Your body will be producing naturally daily anyway…the loop only lasts hours…not days. What it comes down to is a poor excuse for a protocol designed to save some money, with little to no scientific evidence to back it up. Not to mention that most people using this protocol are using smaller doses anyway.

We have Gavin Kane type protocol. Mainly injections are done PWO 3 times a week, using a hefty dose of HGH…your weekly doses split into 3 larger doses. Example would be if you are using 8iu/ed for mass, it would equal 5 6iu weekly. It would come out to just under 20iu 3 times a week. This is also used in conjunction with insulin and IGF-1. This protocol seems to work well for a good amount of people, and the theory backing it is somewhat sound…which I will not get into…as this is supposed to be a simple guide. The sad thing is that alot of people try to manipulate and twist this protocol to fit their budget, and it doesn’t work that way. Sorry, but using 6iu 3 times a week just isn’t going to cut it…in any case. I feel this protocol best fits you guys that are using a DC style training where you are only hitting the gym a few times a week.

We have the basic diet protocol. Taking your HGH upon rising, at a dose of 3-5iu every day. Granted, the less you use, the less you will see. No need to take days off, as it’s not that much GH and you are really looking for optimal fat loss and body composition. Too many people are using dumb doses like 1-2iu, which is nothing more than an HRT dose for my 90 year old grandma.

A basic mass protocol that has been used over the years is taking your high dose of 8iu+/pwo in conjunction with insulin. Taking it IM will ensure speedy peak levels and faster IGF-1 production. Since that is what we want after a workout while our IGF-1 receptors are ready to roll. This way you can ensure a good amount of fresh IGF-1 floating around when you need it most. This protocol best suits those of you training almost all week, with the occasional day off for recovery. Taking a day off HGH when administering high doses can be beneficial, to give your IGF-1 receptors a break. Besides, levels will still be raised regardless. This day off should also be your day off training used for recovery. It is not needed, and mainly comes down to personal preference.

Every day mass protocol would be the same as the diet protocol, only with a higher dose. Insulin is also a good idea for maximum benefit and gains for obvious reason. Tried and true.

There is also an EOD protocol that you don’t hear about often. A while back there was a study posted that taking HGH EOD at double your daily dose provided the same results with less antibodies. Now, this study had to do with children, but you get the point. I think this protocol would only be good for mass gains, and not beneficial for dieting. An example would be if you were taking 8iu daily for mass, then instead you would be taking 16iu/EOD. Simple as that.

I have noticed that some people use their GH on a daily basis, but pre-workout instead of post. Theory behind this is that when using sub-q injections, levels wont peak for a while….. after their workouts. The problem I see with this is that a good chunk of insulin should be present when the GH passes the liver for optimal IGF-1 production. It’s hard to manipulate it this way, so why not just take it PWO using IM injection followed by insulin injection or spike.

Hygetropin:Human Growth Hormone

Hygetropin and Exercise:  HygetropinTM rhGH can promote the absorption of amino acid by muscle cells and the synthesis of cells, DNA and RNA, making human body increase hydrocarbon and sugar and keep nitrogen when absorbing extra protein cells. All the above-mentioned actions promote the growth of muscle cells and the increase of muscle strength. At the same time, when HygetropinTM rhGH contacts the hormone receiver of fat cells, a series of actions will occur, making fat cells metabolized by human body. This action is termed stearolysis, which can greatly reduce fat accumulation in human abdomens, buttocks and the upper arm inside. Therefore, at present the use of HygetropinTMrhGH is the best way known to reduce weight.
In the clinical contrast experiment made by San-Tomas Hospital, everyone in one group using hGH for 6 months reduced 15.5 pounds of fat but increased 10.1 pounds of muscle on the average. What was most outstanding is their lumbus-buttock proportion was obviously reduced. On the other hand, adults in the other group taking placebo continued to be aged and weakened. Their muscle tissues and organs were being atrophied at the 2.5% to 4.5% average speed every year.

Hygetropin and Senility:  The senility process is one in which human appearance is gradually aged and organism functions are gradually reduced. This process is not wholely caused by the genetic factors fixed in the cells. Nor is it an inevitable trend for us human beings. Scientific researches show that senility occurs because DNA is damaged and hence hGH drops sharply after entering middle age. At the age of 21, the internal hGH level in circulation is 10 μg/100ml while at the age of 61, only 2μg/100ml, dropping by 80%. Human growth hormone (Hgh) promotes the development and maturity of children’s cells, skeletons, muscles and organs. After the age of 30, youthfulness begins to die away year by year because this substance reduces and the level drops. The manifestation of old people’s senility is similar to that of children and youngsters who lack human growth hormone (that is, dwarfs). The long-time point of view that senility is unavoidable is now being changed. We have come to realize that senility is a disease. Its pathogenic cause and therapy are being gradually decoded by scientists just as tuberculosis, smallpox and plague were in the past.
Can human growth hormone (hGH) make people’s lifespan surpass the known limit? Scientists, including Dr. Klarts, president of the American Anti-senility Academy, thought that people’s longest life-span is never fixed. The research into telomerase and the decoding of longevity gene code will enable us to reverse the life clock, further lengthening human lifetime. By that time, more new inventions will be made, making people’s longest life-span reach a new degree. Human growth hormone, while improving our life quality, can lengthen our lifetime, making senile cells young and vigorous and indivisible as young cells. Scientists hold that up to the present, human growth hormone (hGH) is the only substance which can reverse senility.

Hygetropin and Microsoma:  Human growth hormone is polypeptide chain secreted by hypothalamus which contains 191 amino acid. Its main physiological function is to promote synthetic function with regard to human different tissues and proteins in particular and to stimulate the growth of articular cartilages and epiphysis cartilages, making bones grow linearly and bodies heightened. Lack of human growth hormone (hGH) will lead to arrest of growth, that is to say, generally-called pituitary dwarf. Child’s body height continues to increase on the premise that epiphysis does not close. With regard to pituitary dwarfs, the more earlier the hyperplasia of epiphysis cartilage layer is treated and the more active its differentiation is, the greater are the potentiality and space for child’s growth, the more sensitive is the reaction to the treatment and the better is its growth. The younger and lighter the children are, the smaller the dosages are and the lower the expenses are. With the human growth hormone in the treatment, the inspiring growth speed will be obtained. Some little children can also try out the growth hormone in the treatment who do not lack human growth hormone, their internal human hormone level being not low , but whose physiological activity is low, unable to act on body height. After the treatment, some children show obvious increase in height. HygetropinTM rhGH is of gene recombination type; its molecular structure is just the same as that of human growth hormone. Generally speaking, it has no side effects because of its substitute treatment. Not only can the use of HygetropinTM rhGH over a long period of time not result in sexual precocity, but also the children with sexual precocity who are ultimately shorter in height also need the growth hormone in their treatment in order that they can finally become ideally tall in height. Early use of growth hormone to highten is also the first choice to female patients with Turner’s syndrome; otherwise, the adults’ average height is about 1.4 meters.
It is recommended that HygetropinTM rhGH should be used in the treatment under the guidance of doctors. Make sure that little children have proper exercises and rest, cheerful mood and rational nutrition. Besides, there should be regular visits to doctors and observations. So when you find your child obviously shorter than other children of the same sex and age, you should take him to doctors and have a general health checkup as soon as possible in order to find out the cause of disease and strive for the best opportunity of treatment.

Hygetropin and Reproduction:   HygetropinTMrhGH’s reaction to the decline of sexual function is done from different levels of body tissues, from cells to organs and to the whole system. At the system’s level, HygetropinTMrhGH enhances the synthesis of protein and the division of cells, enabling the organs to regenerate. At the tissue’s level, the combined metabolism of nitrogen makes muscle tissues grow.
At the hormone’s level, there exists a direct feedback relationship between hypophyseal hormones (mostly human growth hormone (hGH))and sex hormones (hormones secreted by ovaries and testes). hGH can act on male and female sterility, enabling sperms and ova to be generated.
At the system’s level, HygetropinTMrhGH enhances cardiac function and blood circulation function in body’s every part, thus increasing the blood volume pumped into the penis and making penis erect more forcefully and longer. At the same time, HygetropinTM rhGH can improve the formation of cholesterol, increasing HDL and decreasing LDL. HDL has the function of clearing the blood of disease-causing substances. The increase of HDL can make blood circulate move freely and penis erect naturally and forcefully.
HygetropinTMrhGH’s repair action to sexual function is noticeable, increasing sexual desire both for man and woman. Besides, man can overcome erection with no strength and prospermia.
A doctor of 63, had no man-and-wife life for 5 years, feeling no interest in sexual life. However, after using for 4 weeks, he regained the sexual function twice a week. Now in his clinic he begins to use HygetropinTMrhGH in treating his patients. Another old man of 80 had a severe heart disease. Because he was too old, the doctors ruled out the possibility to perform heart transplantation for him. The doctors can only adopt a conservative treatment. They gave him HygetropinTMrhGH in the treatment. After several months, the old man’s heart disease is cured and his sexual function regained.

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