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Protein,how much?

Most people or “bodybuilders” get the wrong information when it comes to protein intake.

How much is really necessary? Well on an average, you should consume 0.8 kg per kg of bodyweight according to Judith E. Brown,Ph.D and author of “Nutrition Now.” Alot of the time we fail to realize that protein is the most important factor in building muscle. So, does this mean the more the better or bigger? Not necessarily because your body can only digest 40 grams of protein per 3-4 hours for a natural capability.

The best sources of protein in today’s world are: chicken, red meat, tilapia, tuna fish, and certain types of seafood. If your having trouble getting in those extra grams of protein per day than another option would be to use protein shakes. One of the best protein drinks that I have used is pretty new called “Carnivor” by : biomeds, taste isn’t all that great but it’s fairly convenient and comes in shots.

So I would say the bottom line here is; if your trying to add extra slabs of muscle, or simply trying to lose or gain weight, make sure your protein is at the proper amount!

BY: Kane Congdon, Master’s Degree in Human Genetics/Nutrition

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